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Beginning in the sixteenth century, Protestant missionaries went to China for the gospel, but in the opening years of the twentieth century, following years of faithful labor and prayer, the Lord’s move in China began to advance dramatically after the martyrdom of many Christians in the Boxer Rebellion. In the 1920s, many believers, who were raised up by the Lord from among high-school and college students throughout China, became instrumental in the spread of the gospel. From among these students, Nee Shu-tsu (Watchman Nee) was called and equipped by the Lord for His work.

Nee Shu-tsu, whose English name was Henry Nee, was born of second-generation Christian parents in Foochow, China in 1903. His paternal grandfather studied at the American Congregational College in Foochow and became the first Chinese pastor among the Congregationalists in northern Fukien province. Nee Shu-tsu was consecrated to the Lord before his birth. Desiring a son, his mother had prayed to the Lord, saying, “If I have a boy, I will present him to You.” The Lord answered her prayer with the birth of a son. His father later impressed this point upon him, saying, “Before you were born, your mother promised to present you to the Lord.”

Nee Shu-tsu was exceptionally intelligent. From his entrance into elementary school through his graduation from the Anglican Trinity College in Foochow, he ranked first in his class as well as in his school. With many grand dreams and plans for his future, he could have been a great success in the world. In 1920 at the age of seventeen and after considerable struggle, Nee Shu-tsu was dynamically saved while in high school. At the moment of his salvation, his plans for his future were entirely abandoned. He testified, “From the evening I was saved, I began to live a new life, for the life of the eternal God had entered into me.” Later, when he was called by the Lord to carry out His commission, he adopted the English name Watchman and the Chinese name To-sheng, which means “the sound of a watchman’s rattle,” because he considered himself to be a watchman raised up to sound out a warning call in the dark night.

Watchman Nee did not attend theological schools or Bible institutes. His wealth of knowledge concerning God’s purpose, Christ, the Spirit, and the church was acquired through studying the Bible, reading spiritual books, and pursuing spiritual matters. Watchman Nee received revelation through his diligent study of the Word. Many of his practices are included in his book How to Study the Bible. He also read the spiritual books of many of the Lord’s servants throughout church history. In the early days of his ministry, he spent a third of his income on his personal needs, a third on helping others, and the remaining third on spiritual books. He acquired a collection of more than three thousand of the best Christian books, including nearly all the classical Christian writings from the first century forward. He had a phenomenal ability to select, comprehend, discern, and memorize relevant material, and he could quickly grasp and retain the main points of a book. Thus, he was able to glean from these books the important scriptural truths and spiritual principles that the Lord has made known throughout church history and also to incorporate them into his Christian life and church life experience

See Here for more details on Watchman Nee


Witness Lee was born in 1905 in the Shantung province of northern China. His early childhood testifies to God's loving provision in giving him a wise and caring mother who was a third-generation Southern Baptist raised in a thoroughly Christian home. His father, a farmer, died in 1923. To provide her children with the proper education in Chinese and English, his mother sold her only inheritance in order to raise enough money to send them to school. Such courage and foresight in her circumstances was rare in those days. Thanks to his mother's sacrifice, Witness Lee was able to study in the Southern Baptist Chinese elementary school and in the English Mission College operated by the American Presbyterians in Chefoo.

After Witness Lee's second-oldest sister experienced the Lord's salvation, she began praying for him and introduced him to the Chinese Independent Congregational church in his hometown, Chefoo. A few months later, in April 1925, at the early age of 19, he personally received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior through the preaching of a sister in the Lord, Peace Wang. At that time he was extraordinarily ambitious regarding his education and future. But on the day of his dynamic salvation everything changed, as described below in his own words:

"I still remember the experience of the God of glory appearing to me for the first time. That was on the afternoon of the day I was saved. When I walked out of the meeting hall into the street, I felt that everything was different. I stopped by the road and prayed to God, "God! I don't want anything else anymore. I only want Yourself." (The Glorious Vision and the Way of the Cross, p. 11)

On that day Witness Lee was called by Christ and consecrated himself to serve Him for the rest of his life. He became a true follower of his Master and never turned back from his vow. From that day on, he loved the Bible and collected as many Bible expositories as possible. He soon began meeting with the Brethren Assembly (the Benjamin Newton branch) in Chefoo and was attracted by their knowledgeable expounding of the Bible. In His search to know the Bible, he also noticed in Christian periodicals some outstanding articles on biblical truths by Watchman Nee.

The greatest help Witness Lee received in the matters of the divine life came through his reading of Watchman Nee's articles and books, beginning from 1925, the year he was saved. He purchased all of Watchman Nee's books on the divine life and began to correspond with Watchman Nee, asking him questions about the Bible. In the meantime, he continued to study the Bible with the Brethren and received much scriptural knowledge from them concerning biblical types, prophecies, and parables. Although those teachings helped him to forsake worldliness and to avoid drifting from the Lord's pathway, they provided little help in the matters of life, the Spirit, and the church. He realized that he had "received a great deal of knowledge from their teachings, but very little life." (Watchman Nee, A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age, p.284) See here for more details on Witness Lee

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