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Gathering times, directions, and what to expect upon your first visit to CiK

Getting to know each other

We understand that meeting someone for the first time can be uncomfortable, and going to a new church meeting for the first time can cause some anxiety. So, we really want to help make your first experience with CiK a positive one!


As COVID Lockdown Restrictions Are Phased Out, we will gather in hybrid fashion at the Hall and on Zoom

  • Lord's day (Sunday) Lord's Table & Children's Meetings at 10:00 am
  • Lord's day (Sunday) Fellowship & Children's Meetings at 11:00 am
  • Tuesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30 am
  • Saturday Young People Gathering at 7:00 pm


During COVID lockdown restrictions, links to our Zoom gatherings are sent out weekly.

[If you wish to join us on Zoom, please contact us at or 519-997-2743

In-person meetings are held at the hall, located at 2222 Snyder's Rd. E., Petersburg, ON, N0B 2H0

Here is a map: click here.

How long is a CiK meeting and what is it like?

The weekly Lord's Table meeting is about 40 minutes in length and commences at 10:00 am. Generally, we sing hymns to the Lord, praise His name, pray and thank Him for His precious redemptive work. Someone may share some words of appreciation for the Lord's person and work of redemption. Often, this is followed by our breaking out into small groups on Zoom or small groupings in person, for a few minutes, to give everyone an opportunity to offer praise to the Lord. When we return to the joint session, we break bread and drink the cup of blessing. After more prayer, we are led to enter into the worship of the Father, thanking Him for His gift to us of His son and for receiving us all as His many children. We end with announcements, welcoming of new ones, and special words of fellowship.

The second meeting of the morning commences at 11:00 am and is 60 minutes in length. This meeting is different from what many are used to. We call it a prophesying meeting, where we all have the chance to speak something for God. Based on the material we studied and mused on during the preceding week, we all get to share what impressed us the most from our reading and study. We break out into small groups with 8 to 12 people and we open the time up for everyone to share. Fifteen minutes before the end of the hour, we reconvene into one group to share snippets of our enjoyment during the breakout sessions. Finally, someone gives a closing word about the material we covered, followed by prayer, and then we are dismissed.

We meet with an exercised spirit. Some of us are loud, others are soft-spoken. We might shout out our praises (Psa.146:1, 147:149:1; 150:1,6), lift our hands, clap while some of us may be more reserved. There are no expectations about how we come together to enjoy the Lord. All we hope is that whether we are contemplative or exultant our worship will be in spirit and truthfulness (John 4:24)

You are welcome to come to one or both of the meetings, If you have questions about the meetings, feel free to contact us.

How Do We View Participants in Our Meetings?

We consider that all believers are meant to be functioning members of the Body of Christ. We believe all the believers are made priests to God, ministers, and shepherds (pastors) to one another, and designated by God to build up the church. We have no clergy and no laity - just members of His Body. We function in the principle of mutuality. Each member has something to contribute to the Body for its building up (1Cor.14:26). and we want to cultivate the gift, especially that of speaking for and speaking forth God (1Cor.14:31). We try to function freely but always becomingly and in order (1Cor.14:40)

What about the kids?

We believe that children should feel cherished at every single children's gathering. We begin with an "opening time" with lots of singing, stories, and demonstrations. Not only do our children participate but we get parents joining in with them. Quite often one family may be tapped to lead the singing for a given session, they might tell a story, do a skit or share some event that they recently experienced. A short lesson on character building will be shared and sometimes a very simple craft is demonstrated, for the children to do later at home.

This is followed by snack time. After clean-up and washroom time, children are divided up into classes for toddlers, kindergarten, level 1 (grades 1 & 2), intermediate level (grades 3 & 4), and advanced level (grades 5 & 6). There they have a lesson, memorize a verse, and do a craft. The children leave their gathering happy and excited about what they experienced in their classes.

Let us know you're coming

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"When I heard my children's reactions to their time in the children's gathering and how much they loved it, that confirmed what I experienced in the Table and Fellowship meetings. CiK feels like home." - A New Visitor