Reaching Our Community

To Our Friends, Neighbors and Relatives Who Currently Are Not Seeking God

We want to reach out to all the residents of Kitchener and surrounding communities to share the good news of God’s full salvation and to share with you the riches of Christ as revealed in the Bible and experienced by us.

We are committed to achieving this goal by:

  • Making a way for anyone wanting to encounter the living God and receive His Son, Jesus Christ as savior and friend.
  • Nourishing all-new young believers with satisfying spiritual food;
  • Shepherding, teaching, and perfecting all believers, equipping them to carry out the work of the New Testament ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16)
  • Aiding new believers to speak for and speak forth Christ, for the building up of the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 14:3-5).

To achieve these goals, we have different kinds of meetings and events. We have gospel meetings and conduct seminars to share the gospel. We have small group gatherings in homes throughout the Waterloo Region and Wellington County, as well as regularly scheduled church meetings (where the whole church comes together) at our meeting place located at 2222 Snyder's Rd. E., Petersburg, ON.

All interested persons are welcome to join us. For more information please contact us here.

To All the Other Believers in Kitchener

We labor to share the unsearchable riches of Christ to all our spiritual brothers and sisters regardless of where they meet for fellowship. By the Lord's mercy, we have found a Christ who is rich beyond all expectations. Those riches are meant to be shared with all believers. So whenever we meet other Christians, we desire to share with them the bountiful supply we have enjoyed in the Word. especially through the fellowship and ministry of the NT apostles. What God has poured into us we hope to share with all our Christian brothers and sisters. If you are interested in learning about this ministry, please open this link